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I have loved the camera for as long as I can remember, a passion I inherited from my father who tried to capture as many memories as he could. My parents had a love story for the ages and raised four boys and me – the only girl of five. 

There was rarely an idle moment in our lives, so Dad was never far from his Polaroid Automatic 100 Land Camera. At two years old, we took a vacation trip to Destin, Florida. The picture below is of me trying to convince my mother to let me hold Dad’s camera. It was an ambition I never lost sight of.

That beach trip would be the first of many in my life. Though the location varied through the years, I fell into a beautiful repetition of saltwater destinations for vacations, celebrations and family reunions. An idyllic childhood spent in Cartersville, Georgia, an unforgettable college experience at the University of Georgia where I spent four years (including a National Championship run) as the starting small forward with the Lady Bulldogs, a three-year contract playing professional basketball in Italy and Japan, and a successful real estate career in the booming hustle and chaos of Atlanta – all did their best to fulfill me. But, I perpetually longed for every opportunity to escape to the coast, camera in hand.

As the only two ladies in a close-knit family of seven, Mom and I had a bond that I'll never be able to put into words. I lost her in 2017. Shortly thereafter, I lost my father.

It is impossible to explain how untethered you feel when you say your final goodbyes to your parents. The beach, which had once been the source of absolute joy, had now become a safe place to balance the overwhelming despair with equal amounts of soul-repairing reflection. 

Every single day presented a new canvas. I could spend hours being mesmerized by the kaleidoscope of colors from the sunrise, the invigorated faces of beachcombers, and the hypnotic rhythm of the cloud formations. Healing turned into hope and hope turned into home – I moved to St. Petersburg in 2018, just steps away from the sand, and launched my photography business.

I strive to capture the splendor of St. Pete in a way that forces you to stop and stare for a while – to spend hours being mesmerized….